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About the Uniting Church

The Uniting Church of Australia Synod of NSW and the ACT is the third largest Christian denomination in Australia and the first Church to be created in and of Australia. On any Sunday more than 2,000 congregations worship at a Uniting Church including many congregations that worship in languages other than English. Our churches can be found deep in the heart of our cities, or in our most isolated and outback towns. Many congregations have existed for years while others are new and worship in different ways.

Mission: Through worship and fellowship, we seek to strengthen our commitment and sharpen our focus on God’s vision to serve the community with passion, love, inclusiveness, grace and justice for all and thereby uphold the values and purpose of God’s rule on earth.


About the Uniting Church Rose Bay Site

The Uniting Church of Australia Property Trust (NSW) owns the site at 518a Old South Head Road, Rose Bay, approximately 10 kilometres east of the Sydney CBD. It is under the stewardship of Sydney Presbytery.

Although no longer functioning as a church since 2007, the site has remained in ownership of the Uniting Church since 1905. The land was donated to the Church by The Hon. Ebenezer Vickery, a Sydney philanthropist.

The church and its adjacent Wesley Hall were used for church activities since 1905 until recently, when the Rose Bay congregation joined with Vaucluse to worship at premises at 4 Cambridge Street. Since then the Rose Bay buildings have been used by some local businesses (a childcare centre and ballet school.


Details of the Proposed Redevelopment

The Church’s proposed redevelopment will result in an exciting revitalised streetscape with the 1905 church being the hero of the development. Included in the development is retail, residential, the church and community space. Ultimately, the site will be able to provide an improved and contemporary offering to better meet the needs of the growing and changing local area.

The new approach sees development plans for enhanced space for church and community use, 10 residential apartments with underground parking and ground-floor retail such as cafes or restaurants to enliven the streetscape.

The low-rise project will include the introduction of a single-storey building to the east; a two-storey building to the west and a four-storey building to the north (three levels above ground floor).



Heritage & Benefits

  • The design encompasses a number of strategies to retain and enhance the significance of the location while balancing the need for new development.
  • The proposed design focuses on radically improving the street front, reintroducing greenery and light with landscaped spaces in and around the retail, making it a unique experience within the local shopping strip.
  • The external elements of the 1905 church will be retained and conserved. These encapsulate the core heritage values of the site and will ensure the church building can remain a focal point in the streetscape.
  • On-site interpretation and archival recording will be provided to ensure an understanding of the history of the site development, the former uses, structures that have been removed and the relationship of the elements are captured.
  • The design will result in improved capacity for church and community usage.

Project Images are indicative only

Parking & Traffic Analysis

The development will provide the following parking for the retail shops and residents:

  • 23 spaces in total
  • 19 residential spaces and the balance for retail

This meets the parking requirements set out in Woollahra Council’s DCP 2015.

  • Independent experts have conducted a traffic management assessment and study.
  • The study concludes that the development will have not only have minimal effect on the current traffic flow, surrounding road network or the availability of on street parking but it will also reduce the traffic from current levels.

Project Timeline

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